A subscription service that makes it easy for governments to manage their surplus property and conduct public auctions.

Our service is designed specifically for Government Tax & Property Sales departments to assist in streamlining the auction process. It focuses on more than just the auction itself and adds efficiencies to the full life cycle that our customers experience in this process.

Features include:

  • Parcel database
  • Tracking details for each parcels to be sold
  • Tracking expenses for each parcel and payments from buyers
  • Uploading photos for each parcel
  • Auction management
  • Unlimited number of parcels per auction
  • Public auction website
  • Unlimited publicly viewable auction listings
  • Unlimited bidder registrations per auction
  • Online bidder registration and bidder registration database
  • Bid card generation
  • Creation of legal documents
  • Financial tracking
  • and more …

Proven Success

Klamath County, Oregon

Learn how the Veerus Property Manager helped to stream line the property auction process for Klamath County, Oregon.

“It used to take about two weeks to complete all of the paperwork after a property auction. This time, I was able to go home at 5pm each day, with all of that day’s documents already completed!”
Terry Wells, Klamath County Assistant Property Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Veerus Property Manager?

Veerus Property Manager is a subscription service that makes it easy for governments to manage their surplus property and conduct public auctions.

How does my government benefit by conducting property auctions?

In addition to generating revenue directly from the auction proceeds, the government benefits by transferring ongoing property maintenance costs to new owners, and by returning real estate to the tax roll for future assessment.

Are other governments successful using Veerus Property Manager?

Yes. As described in an associated whitepaper: the auction administrator for Klamath County, Oregon found that the county increased its sales by 50%, reduced the required labor by two person-months, and saved several thousand dollars by using Veerus Property Manager.

Klamath County was also able to conduct three public property auctions within a six-month period, a pace that had previously been prohibitive due to the manual labor required for each auction.

Features and Benefits

Does Veerus Property Manager run the auctions? Is this something like eBay?

No. Property auctions will continue to be conducted as they are now, in accordance with applicable state and local laws. (For example, in the State of Oregon, county auctions are usually conducted by the sheriff’s department at the county courthouse.)

However, Veerus Property Manager streamlines administration and reduces the cost of each auction: this includes administrative tasks like auction preparation, marketing to the public, registration of bidders, recording of sales, document generation, auction closing, and results analysis.

What features does Veerus Property Manager provide?

At a high level, Veerus Property Manager provides many features, including:

  • Parcel database. The software manages a database of all parcels in the county’s inventory, including details such as legal description, map tax lot, assessor parcel number, and real market value, as well as a collection of photographs.
  • Property management. Staff can define multiple auctions, each with their own open, start and end dates, and decide which parcels from its inventory should be included in each auction.
  • Public auction website. When an auction is made public by the department staff, details and photographs of the parcels included in that auction are published to a dedicated website managed by Veerus, allowing interested buyers to research available properties on their own.
  • Online bidder registration and bidder registration database. Prospective bidders can submit their registration information online and automatically generate registration forms. The property management staff can track all registered bidders in a centralized location.
  • Bid card generation. The auction administrator can generate bid cards for all approved, registered bidders in a single action.
  • Creation of legal documents. Following each sale, the relevant legal documents can be generated with minimal effort, using the customized language developed by the County’s legal team, and in the specific document formats approved by the County Recorder.
  • Financial tracking. The system tracks the financial details of each sale, including down payments and recording fees. In cases where the purchase price is not paid in full, the software tracks balances due, payment dates, and interest, and generates the legal documents for payment agreements.


Does Veerus Property Manager require a dedicated server or other hardware?

No. Veerus Property Manager is provided as a managed service; all required hardware and software is supplied by Veerus.

How can I be confident in the reliability/scalability/security of Veerus’ services?

Veerus Property Manager is deployed on Microsoft Azure, a leading provider of cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Over 90% of Fortune 500 businesses run on the Microsoft Cloud, as well as many governments and startup businesses. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. Rigorous third-party audits, such as by the British Standards Institute, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate.

For more information regarding Azure compliance, please refer to: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/trusted-cloud/.

Do I need to install any software?

No. As a web-based service, Veerus Property Manager requires only a web browser and an Internet connection.

What operating systems/browsers can I use?

Veerus Property Manager is a web-based service that works well with all modern operating systems (including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS) and modern web browsers (including Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox).

Can I use my phone?

The pages on the public-facing website published by Veerus are mobile-friendly.

Given the complex information being managed, and the scenarios our clients have been working with so far, we’ve been prioritizing property/auction management from large-screen devices. However, we’re very open to handling other mobile device use cases; please let us know what you need!

Will using this require effort/support from our IT department?

In most cases, no. Veerus Property Manager is provided as a managed service; all required hardware and software is supplied by Veerus, so you shouldn’t need to ask your IT department to do much, if anything.

Does someone need to modify our website to use Veerus Property Manager?

Strictly speaking, no. In addition to the administrative tools for managing parcels and auctions, Veerus provides a public-facing website that shows potential bidders detailed information about each auction, the individual parcels for sale, photographs, etc.

We would, however, recommend that your content team create informational links from the relevant pages on your county website to the public-facing Veerus website. These links would only need to be created once, and would simply link to {countyname}.countypropertysales.com.

Subscription & Licensing

Does using Veerus Property Manager require a capital expenditure?

No. Veerus Property Manager is a subscription service, so you simply subscribe to use it. In this regard, budgeting is analogous to business services like Office 365 or G-Suite, or to consumer services like Amazon Prime or Netflix. (Think of it as being like your phone or electricity service.)

What’s the length of a subscription?

Typical subscriptions are for one year, which fits well with most government budget cycles.

While a discount is provided for annual payment, other payment cycles are possible; please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How much is the subscription fee?

The annual subscription fee is based on the size of the county. It is intended to balance the resources required to manage the number of auctions/parcels/photos etc., the effort required to set up and customize the software, develop new features, support the users, and address the specific needs of the individual county.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

What is included in the subscription fee?

The subscription fee includes:

  • Unlimited access to Veerus Property Manager for managing parcels and conducting auctions.
  • Unlimited users that can access your account (as you decide).
  • Storage for an unlimited number of parcels, auctions, registrants, and document templates.
  • Storage for parcel photographs.
  • Setup and maintenance of the software for your account.
  • A complementary barcode scanner (for new subscriptions).
  • Up to 10 hours per year of dedicated support (for example, assistance customizing document templates and pages to meet your needs).
  • Automatic access to all new features.
  • Priority access for new feature requests.
  • Regular backup of your account data.

Do I need to pay for software upgrades?

No. All software upgrades are included as part of your subscription. As new features are introduced, you will automatically have access to them in your account.

Do we need to negotiate a contract/issue an RFP to use Veerus Property Manager?

In most cases, no. Veerus Property Manager is provided as an “off-the-shelf” subscription service, analogous to other business services like Office 365 or G-Suite, and simply represents an operational expense, not a capital expense.

We are happy to work with you to make the budgeting process as straightforward as possible for your situation.

How many people on my team can use the software?

As many as you want. Veerus Property Manager is licensed per-county, not per-user, so feel free to add any team members that you want to have administrative access.

Our county only sells a few properties per year; is this cost-prohibitive for us?

We hope not. We’ve tried our best to strike a balance between covering our costs and making it accessible to you. We want this to be a no-brainer for you; let us know how to make it so for your situation!


Can I plan multiple auctions at once?

Yes. You can create as many auctions as you like, each with their own open, start, and end dates.

If a parcel is not sold during a given auction, it can be rolled into the subsequent auction.

Can I run multi-day auctions?

Yes. Each auction has its own start and end date: for a one-day auction, these dates will be the same, but for a multi-day auction they might be separated by a day or more.

How can potential bidders research the properties for sale?

When an auction is made public by the department staff, details and photographs of the parcels included in that auction are published to a dedicated website managed by Veerus, allowing interested buyers to research available properties on their own (thus reducing the effort required by your staff).

Can I upload data from our assessor system?

Currently there is not a direct link between Veerus Property Manager and assessor systems. However, this is a commonly-requested feature that we are evaluating and plan to implement soon. (Please let us know if this is a feature that you are interested in, and how you’d ideally like to use it.)

What fees are associated with an auction?

There are no fees associated with an auction itself. Veerus charges a small transaction fee for each property that is sold, as a percentage of the sales price. There are no fees incurred without substantially greater corresponding sales revenue, so there is no risk of losing money during an auction.

Do I need to have a barcode scanner?

When a subscription is started, Veerus will send you a complementary barcode scanner that has been tested to work well with Veerus Property Manager. Use of the scanner is optional, but can help streamline the bid registration process substantially.

How is a barcode scanner useful?

Bid registrations and bid cards will include a unique barcode on each printed document. When someone brings one of these documents to your office, you can simply scan the barcode to pull up the relevant account information quickly.

How many auctions/parcels/registrants can I have?

There is no restriction on the number of auctions, parcels, or registrants that can be managed within your account.

How many pictures can I upload per parcel?

There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be uploaded for each parcel. However, for a smooth user experience on the published website, we recommend uploading no more than ten images per parcel.

What is the maximum size of an image?

Uploaded photographs must be less than 10MB. When a photograph is uploaded, the software may automatically resize/compress the image to optimize it for display on the website.


How many documents can we set up?

There is no limit to the number of document templates that you can create, nor the total number of documents that you can generate from those templates.

In what format are the documents generated?

The documents are generated in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), an industry-standard format for page layout. The resulting PDF documents can be easily sent to a printer, saved to disk, and/or uploaded to a document management system, per your specific workflow and functional requirements.

How do I customize the generated documents to meet my county’s legal requirements?

The document templates are defined in Markdown, which is a plain-text markup language that is easy to understand. Veerus Property Manager provides default document templates, and includes a built-in editor that allows you to modify these templates easily and to preview changes. No specific technical skill is required to update the text of these document templates.

In addition, Veerus is available to help customize these templates for your specific needs. Let us know how we can help you!


How do I get help customizing documents, pages, etc.?

Your subscription includes up to ten hours per year of direct support, which can be used for assistance with customizing documents and pages.

While we can accomplish a lot in ten hours, any customization projects that exceed this amount will be invoiced on a time and materials basis, with your prior approval. (That is, you won’t get an unexpected invoice from us.)

How do I request new features?

Just let us know what you need! Veerus wants to work directly with you on an individualized basis to maximize your success.

As you might expect, governments with active subscriptions will receive priority access for new feature requests.

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